PORTABLE POWER 2500mAh (Rose pink)

Multifunction Card Reader (Lightgrey)

  • Product Name:Multifunction Card Reader (Lightgrey)
  • Model:TS-E069




product description:

Design of USB interface of 1:Micro, meets USB2.0 specifications

2: set SD, MS, XD, CF, TF, M2 card slot in one (Mini SD/MMC Micro/RS-MMC card needs switching card sets)

3: high speed data transmission, plug-and-play, support spots

4: support windows8, windows7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, MAC osx10.6, Linux2.6.31 or above


Micro USB interface: High-speed transmission, USB2.0-compliant      The single letter Show: supports SD, MS, XD, CF, TF, M2 memory card


        Second-generation multi-function card reader


Reader mode: single letter, one can write / read a memory card

Windows8/windows7/windows Vista / windows XP / MAC OSX 10.6linux2.6.31 or later




Multifunction Card Reader (Lightgrey):1pcs

micro USB data charging cable: 1pcs