Guangdong Pisen Electronics Co. Ltd, an O2O enterprise founded in 2003 concentrating on smart mobile accessories, has always hammered at the research& development, manufacturing& marketing of power bank, Computer, communication and consumer electronic accessories, cloud routers, smart hardware and etc. for 10 years. Now we have taken shape as a complete industry chain covering intelligent storage, power support, connectivity, audio/video player, and other fields around mobile phones, tablets and smart TVs.


Pisen. South China production base is located in Jintang Industrial park, Henggang District, Shenzhen, covering atotal area of 35,000m², with over 2000trained workers and turnover of 250 million dollars.


Pisen. Southwest china production base is located in Chengdu Wenjiang cross-strait science and technologypark,covering atotal area of 70,000m². The first project has been completed. Estimated annual production value can reach 6 billion dollars when the following projects finished.


Sichuan Pisen Brand Management Limited Company, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guangdong Pisen Electronics Co. Ltd. It has created an online-offline-combined O2O shopping platform Pisen Easy relying on thousands of franchisees all over China, which has established three service systems of Online-Offline-Same Price,Pisen Easy 1000 Cities and Sunflower Portable Service providing a convenient O2O shopping experience for consumers.

  Pisen Easy provides a quick delivery service in 24 hours, and will upgrade to Delivery in 2 Hours in the near future. It can also provide quick logistics of Delivery in Half Hour. The particular online shopping & entity (offline) shopping O2O operation model has attracted nationwide franchisees joining in continuously. It will cover every county& town and every community& school of First-Second-tier-Cities by forecasting, which will achieve Pisen Easy 10 thousand Cities&Town. 

   All of Pisen’s Franchisees will upgrade to digital life CVS in the future, which creates warehousing, sale and after-saleservice and experiencing at scene as one digital life service terminal. Pisen Easy has already been launched at HK, Singapore, Malaysia, and it will cover more than 20 countries and regions such as Vietnam, Indonesia and Cambodia.


On October 28th 2015, Pisen Co. Ltd was formally listed at NEEQ and entered into the capital market. After that, Pisen formally opens up the platform strategy, pushes out its subordinate CCC intelligent localization platform Qian Ji Groupand trial operates in Chengdu, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai and Nanjing. Digital CCC localization service platform Why Worryhas been promoted for the first time which is called “the continuous power for all people” service launched in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Chengdu and many other cities.

Being rooted in China, orienting the world, Pisenis committed to creating the world’s leading brand of smart mobile peripheral devices, and continuously promoting platform strategy to achieve to be the leader of CCC digital industry in the “Internet+” era.


2003, Pisen predecessor, Shenzhen Dexian Electronics Co, Ltd was founded.

2004Pisen made the first mobile power for the China “7+2” Extreme Exploring team and the mobile power was mass produced.

2005,Pisen continuously passed Europe CE certification,national CQC& CCC certification, ISO9001:2000 certification and many other authorized certification& safety certification.

2006, Pisen company was solo sponsor of Yangtze scientific investigation expedition “Explore source region of Yangtze after 20 years”

2007, brand promotion entered into a rapid development period, digital camera battery& battery shared 70% of the market.

2008, Shenzhen Dexian Electronics succeeded in company shareholding system reform, renamed as Guangdong Pisen Electronics Co. Ltd and Pisensouthwest manufacture base was settled in Wenjiang, Chengdu.

2009, 100 Pisen exclusive store strongly entered into nationwide secondary market.

2010, Pisen entered into Taobao mall; Pisen digital flagship store was formally unveiled;Pisen brand was crowned to be the most main-focused enterprise by internet buyers , and won the biggest concern brand enterprise by internet buyers of Alibaba.

2011, Pisen won The Famous Brand of Guangdong Province” and PisenWenjiang manufacture base formally went into production.  

2012, Pisen continued moving towards the internationalization, after the exclusive stores were opened up in HK, Vietnam, Singapore and Lebanon. Exclusive stores were continuously opened up in Taiwan, Dubai and Thailand. Pisen Products continuously passed CB certification of IEC, American FCC certification, Japanese PSE certification, and other authorized certification.

2013, Pisen’s subordinate O2O shopping platform Huiyuanti tried nationwideoperation, providing all new shopping experience of “online&entitative shopping” to consumers.

2014, Pisen.Huiyuanti was renamed asPisen.Easy, formally operated nationwide. At the meanwhile, PisenEasywas launched in HK, Singapore and Malaysia running online at the same step.

On October 28th 2015, Pisen Co. Ltd was formally launched at NEEQ, entering into the capital market. After that, Pisen formally opens up the platform strategy and pushes out its subordinate CCC intelligent localization platform Qian Ji Tuan.