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Zhao Guocheng: PISEN force in sports marketing platform to promote the title Sichuan CBA strategy

2016/10/12 15:34:09   Views:11513

In the context of today's business, the Internet is at an unprecedented tide of the potential impact on the traditional industries, especially the rapid development of mobile Internet technology to break the asymmetry of information, bringing people unlimited freedom of information and connection, so you must change the traditional business business model is a traditional industry shares PISEN internet-based platform for a typical representative of the main customers for the next product wins franchisees, dealers and third-party e-commerce platform, online marketing channels to create a full line 3c intelligent service platform for the whole industry thousands of machines network, open platform product wins strategic layout.

Recently, the product wins the shares of gold strong blue whale basketball club entered into a strategic cooperation, product wins Shares will be the title CBA Sichuan basketball team. This is the new third important measure PISEN shares quoted on brand marketing, as well as Sichuan golden strong blue whale enterprises to obtain the first CBA championship basketball team after a season on cooperation chairman PISEN shares Zhao Guocheng said that this strong combination, which means the product wins shares will be officially force in sports marketing, while also promoting the product win platform important strategic initiatives.

Zhao Guocheng: PISEN force in sports marketing platform to promote the title Sichuan CBA strategy

(Zhao Guocheng PISEN chairman Shares)

Zhao Guocheng said product wins Shares choice of sports marketing as the future of long-term brand strategy, naming Sichuan golden strong team in the hope that this spirit of the brand can be injected into a more powerful energy for the team. Joined forces, 'OVERCOME THE IMPOSSIBLE', Zhao Guocheng said PISEN shares founded 10 years ago, from the manufacture of digital accessories, to enter the smart surrounding areas, from research and development, 'the day of' O2O system to market three new board open platform strategy, layout 3C intelligent all-industry service platform one thousand machine network, continue to break trade barriers, innovative products and models, you can say 'can not beat' itself is the spiritual core product wins portrayal, but also fully consistent with the strong gold blue whale fighting spirit.

Zhao Guocheng think, product wins gold values and strong brand Blue Whale club team spirit high degree of fit, while the new generation of fan base 3C product users and basketball are also highly coincident. 2016 is the product wins Shares open platform strategy the first year is the implementation of sports brand product wins first-year integrated marketing communications.

Product wins platform, is the inevitable result of the transformation of the Internet industry. PISEN from its inception that is built online and offline two channels, online through self mall, settled in the form of wide net, covering all major electricity supplier platform, the line in the country over the shop, stand with both hands grasping the idea. October 2015, shares of strategic investment product wins the 3C industry-wide intelligent network service platform for thousands of machines, using localization O2O mode of operation, the service module set thousands of machines group (B2B, thousands of machines net Mall shop experience (under B2C, cable thousands of machines, while embedding 'anxious what' 3C intelligent localization services platform, business category covers mobile phones, 3C accessories, hardware and other intelligence.

PISEN groundbreaking and comprehensive layout mode, so that thousands of machines with a net volume and capacity to provide services for the whole value chain of industrial ecology. PISEN shares and therefore evolution as set by the manufacturer brand, service providers, platform providers to one of the complex enterprise, under the current product line wins has more than 9000 stores across the country more than 2,500 cities and regions, localized business model, so that more than 95% of online orders for local distribution has been achieved, the day of.

Product wins title Sichuan CBA, a new brand proposition will spread through sports marketing, support and encouragement given to the user, while providing innovative products and services to drive high-quality intelligent life in the younger age groups. Since then, the product wins not only the surrounding 3C manufacturers of products, but rather part of the user's way of life, they will accompany every 'campaign' life. 'Sichuan product wins basketball team' will come with a new mission and feelings, he appears in a new round of this year's CBA season, a brand new product wins will also be unveiled in public view.