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E-Commerce Industry "ECI Awards" Revealed, Pisen Won Three Awards

2015/6/4 9:36:08   Views:14098

April 11, China E-Commerce industry’s most authoritative innovation award——“ECI Awards had finished its Final Judging in Jiading Industrial Zone, Shanghai.

About ten countries and regions E-Commerce chiefs, government leaders and hundreds of media representatives attended the award ceremony. LeTV, NetEast, Chefafa (an Car Care O2O), Ririshun( an online platform of Hair ) etc famous e-commerce enterprises case won the award.

It is worth mentioning that Pisen electronic had transition it’s business from  traditionally to internet and developed “Piseneasy ”O2O mode, and “Piseneasy”won three award: "ECI Awards Special Contribution Award", "ECI Awards Silver business model innovation", "ECI Awards Product Innovation Silver Award”

ECI Awards founded by the IECIA (International E-commerce Innovation Association)) in New York, United States. In China, EIC Award was co-sponsored by International ECI Awards Organizing Committee Combined with  multi e-commerce platformindustry media, authoritative third party, the intention of ECI Awards is promotion the innovation and successful experience of China e-commerce to the world, accelerate the global e-commerce innovations' communication and development.


It’s reported that the first ECI Awards initiated on January 1st, 2015, total collected nearly 500 cases at worldwide, invited e-commerce representatives from the United States, South Korea and Hong Kong, Taiwan to attend, for e-commerce industry development in different countries and regions and hot topics, shared ideas and experiences. PISEN Electronics chairman Zhao Guocheng published theme speech "core competencies Pisen • Easy mode", demonstrated Pisen Easy of O2O mode to the industry.

Through speech, Mr Zhao Guocheng shared the successful experience of “PisenEasy” O2O case to the presence guests. First, PisenEasy” settled the logistic problem of traditional e-commerce: fast online ordered but slow delivery; secondly, closely integrated the products and services which were disjointed by e-commerce platforms, improve the users’ experience. PISEN Electronics relying on the early established more than 2000 stores in nationwide, form a distributed storage, self-built short logistics, in the coverage of Piseneasy, no matter user place order anywhere, the data all can be drainages to the store closest to the user by the Piseneasy background system, then arrange delivery. Meanwhile, Pisen’s courier T-sir is Store clerk, not only can provide super fast delivery to users, but also can provide to door setting routers, to door affixed protective film etc personalized services. During to door service process, if users have other orders, T-sir also can help to place order in site, achieve second sale. This innovation mode is rare in domestic industry, it can be said that it provided new idea to domestic O2O development.

2015 the first EIC Awards with an open and forward thinking, via discover and award globe e-commerce industry’s brands and commerce legend classical samples, share the successful practice with innovation conception of e-commerce industry to the whole world.  Although “ Piseneasy”  is an emerging O2O platform, it’s convenient short logistics and personalized to door services has aroused a lot of attention in industry, it’s dazzling performance in this EIC Award ceremony is more surprised, And Zhao Guocheng said,  “ Piseneasy” O2O will committed to set an classical example for traditional enterprise transition to the Internet, How its future performance, the industry will wait and see.