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Pisen Attend China We Media Annual Meeting, Cloud Music Box Gains Awards

2015/6/4 9:29:06   Views:12979

December 14, WeMedia2014 Chinese WeMedia Annual Conference and WeMedia Mobile Billboard awards dinner, held in Beijing Shangri-La Hotel, Headline Today’s founder and CEO Zhang Yiming, Secretary-General of the China Internet Association, Lu Wei, Pisen Chairman and CEO Zhao Guocheng and others tens industry elites and various we media gathered to discuss the future direction of mobile intelligent era.

Rise of We Media Arrival of information fragmentation era

Since 2014 smart device and mobile products, internet finance, Big Data, Smart Life etc internet technology developing rapidly, it’s not only bring brand new communication environment to industry, also makes the public have more rights to speak.

In the dawn of instant era, we media acts as a bridge to bring individuals, corporations have space to express, make marketing have a brand new path, but also opened up a new channel for new media innovation. Relying on the Internet as a communication medium, "smart hardware" conception gradually rise up from we media and various e-commerce field, people continue to explore beyond reality, and media,  We media also constantly express their views, express opinions. In we media fragmentation era, "Smart hardware" conception's interpretation is one after another.

What the smart hard ware born for?  For the “Pain points”!

December 14 afternoon, Pisen Chairman and CEO Zhao Guocheng make a speech in topic” born for pain point”, Described the way of Pisen’s smart hardware,

demonstrate Pisen’s ideas and innovations in smart hardware field to all walks of life.

 “In today’s digital IT market, smart hardware is the hottest conception, under the hot wave, all people crowded to watch, R & D conception springing one after another, but where is the functions consumer really want? Pisen’s smart hardware is just born for this pain point!” Pisen’s chairman Zhao Guocheng instructed, Pisen’s smart hardware, around to mobile phones, televisions, tablet  "three screen" , had formed  mobile storage, power supply, interoperability, audio and video playback four categories, and solve the connection pain that "three screens" and other devices."

In his speed, Zhao Guocheng instructed Cloud music box, Router for Purifying Music, Cloud▪ Easy Power three models of Pisen products, demonstrated Pisen’s “Low cost evolution” and “Better user experience” two products conceptions, Pisen hope to bring more smart home life experience with affordable style to users.

Pisen Music Box, Won annual smart products award 

In the further, all the devices in our home life will realize intelligent, but now the price of smart products in the market is relatively high, is there possible the users only need to purchase one piece intermediate connection device to upgrade the non-smart device to smart device? Pisen Music Cloud Box is just a device can make ordinary stereo upgrade to Wi-Fi Stereo, at December 14 night’s Wonderful Mobile award ceremony, Pisen Music Cloud Box won 2014 annual smart products award.

According to demonstrated, Music Cloud Box can make the music in the mobile phone played in stereo via Wi-Fi wireless transmission, users only need to spend a low cost, will have the same experience as cost few thousand dollars Wi-Fi stereos, not only fully show Pisen smart hardware "low cost evolution" product conception, but also just like Zhao Guocheng said in his speech, Pisen’s smart hardware, only born for "pain point".

In this annual meeting, Pisen show it’s product attitude “ Born for Pain Point” to the industry, under the fully coming of We-media era, Pisen think from users perspective, solve real needs of users, also provide a more practical, more workable conception of product development to the industry, highlighting its determined to win commitment in smart hardware market.