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PISEN Smart Hardware Stunning Debut at 2015 US CES Show

2015/6/4 9:23:07   Views:6629

2015 the 46th US International Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2015) was held in Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) at local time January 6-9, 2015. Globe heavyweight class consumer electronics manufacturers gathered in Las Vegas, showed their latest products and the most advanced technology. PISEN Electronic cloud routing, Mobile Power Bank, Audio, and other products was first shown, Pisen display their latest technological achievements to us.

As the world's most prestigious Consumer Electronics Show, every year CES brings together the world's most cutting-edge technology, fashion design, industry trends.

PISEN Electronic 's Cloud • Easy Power, wireless repeater, LCD Power Station, Color Power, HiFi wired headset and other products this is also stunning debut CES booth. Wherein Cloud • Easy power unique wireless sharing feature , you can insert a removable storage device (U disk, hard disk) and SD card, then PC, mobile phones and tablet (IOS \ Android system) and other devices at the same time via WiFi wireless to access storage device video, images, music, documents, resource sharing anywhere, anytime.

Cloud • Easy Power supports wired, 3G and wireless three modes, add wireless relay function, can relay and expand WiFi network signal, also loaded with 5000mAh battery, can charging for mobile phones, tablets and other digital devices.

This product as the first one of Pisen Cloud Router, has successfully attracted the attention of all walks of life. In addition, Pisen also brought Projection Cloud Box, Routing High Power Box and other cloud routing products and shaving charge treasure, Color Power, Hand Warmer Charging Box and other creative mobile Power Bank, the integration of technology and creativity, Pisen's science and technology exhibition obtained the same recognition of scene guests.

It is reported that in this exhibition, Pisen also demonstrated its new APP - Pisen Cloud to international companies, users can manipulate any of its subsidiary routing products via Pisen self-own APP, can achieve cloud sharing, cloud music ,cloud video, sync take and upload photos etc functions. Achieve the data inter-visit between cell phone, PC, storage card, in the future will realize "private cloud" to "public cloud".

In the passed years, CES had gathered the currently most mainstream of traditional consumer electronics manufacturers and IT core vendors. As an O2O company which focus on smart mobile accessories, Pisen demonstrate it’s smart technologies and concepts to the world. It’s reported that Pisen will release more smart hardware in 2015, or will bring a new round of impact to China and global intelligent hardware market.