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Mobile Internet Annual Competing

2015/6/4 9:11:40   Views:5411

Recently, the Headlines news “JD’ hot just passed, and it’s coming a new round of restlessness, Asia's most gold content of the Internet Award - "Comon Experience Award" has started. The major giants wearing armor and menacing, show their ambition to this industry's most authoritative and quality award.

"Comon Experience Award" is one of Asia's most authoritative and influential Internet Award, to reward those Internet Person and Internet Companies which “Take experience as faith” to pursuit excellence user experience. The award is Launched by “ Internet O2O resource connect platform – ”, face to mobile Apps, smart hardware, company ecology three major field.

         2015 China internet industry summit & Comon Experience Ceremony will be held in January 22 at the Beijing National Convention Center, recently has completed awards preliminary examination work. The organizers had selected 82 product and 9 company from more than three hundred registered product, when we all eyes are focused on the major Internet giants, but found that there is a dark horse on the published list - PISEN electronics, it’s relay an model smart audio products, " Cloud Music Box" nominated in smart hardware group smart home category common award.

         From the official announcement of the shortlist, we know that Nominated in the intelligence field as well as "Tencent Lubao", "IfLYBOX ", "nut Intelligent Anti-lost Patch " and other smart hardware, all are equipped with special skills, Pisen had great success in Mobile Power Bank, Digital 3C field, but why it can be Nominated in this smart hardware award? It is learned, this model "Cloud Music Box" is a smart audio product R&D by PISEN electronics in 2014, have Independent WiFi module, after connection can make ordinary stereo audio morph into a wireless WiFi, can push the music in the phone and tablet to audio player, and has a cloud sharing function, can realize wireless control, across platforms music sharing. And more importantly, this product using the wolfson music chip to provides high-fidelity sound, max up to 96KHz high-definition audio sampling rate, which represents, users not needs to buy expensive HiFi stereo, they can also enjoy high-fidelity lossless music via wireless play, On the other hand, music cloud box can be used as a router, and with relay function, effectively expand the WiFi signal range, so that no dead corner the home network .

It’s reported that in recent years Pisen has officially enter intelligent hardware field, raised up” Born for user’s pain point, Let user proficient manipulate Mobile Internet slogan, in 2014 successively launched Cloud • Easy Power and other smart products, this time attend to competition is Cloud Music Box can be said is the flagship product of Pisen until now, shortly before at 2014 China we-media annual ceremony had just won 2014 Annul Smart Product Award. It seems that the "Cloud Music Box"  nominated "Comon Experience Award" was undoubtedly reasonable.

        The "Comon Experience Award" winning rate is only 4.6 percent, China's major manufacturers contest kicked off. China in mobile Internet era, not only the emergence, Xiaomi and other typical Internet companies, but also bring more opportunities  and broader display platform the the companies like Pisen which were transformation from  traditional  to  internet business, How important user experience in the end? The answer is: Experience is everything! Final award who gets the big award, January 22 that is the outcome.