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Product wins the first line, never stopped the pace - Vietnam Posts

2014/2/19 10:38:09   Views:7193

As the leading 3C accessories manufacturer in China, Pisen Electronics Co.,Ltd is devoted into the R&D, manufacture and marketing of IT accessories, the products is wide spread in the field of telecommunication and IT periphery, furthermore, the turnover of Pisen is always keeping the top in this line.

Data from the Chinese major shopping website indicated that Pisen is ranking the 3 rd only after Apple, Samsung., with the 10 year rich experience and more than 400 exclusive store which are spread all over China, Pisen not just satisfy with the high reputation praised as “Chinese IT accessories tycoon”, but try hard to share its high quality products overseas, in order to be the leading enterprise in China, and all over the world!

2011-6-15, Pisen announced officially to step into the Vietnam market, since the first exclusive store was set up at that time, Pisen has got high reputation rapidly with the high quality products and the considerate service.

In order to expand the market and promote our brand, Pisen cooperated with Vietnam agent to hold diverse types of promotion activities such as price-off promotions, gift products, lucky draw and so on in Pho hue, Hanoi Water Conservancy School, Thanh Hoa, Pho XãĐàn and other place of Vietnam. These activities achieved good sale performance and market reaction.

 Pisen is moving forward and never stop its step. Next station we will go further.

   Sales promotion in Hanoi Water Conservancy School



    A large chain stores opening sales promotion in Thanh Hoa.


   The lucky draw prize winner in the sales promotion of Thanh Hoa


     Sales promotion in Pho XãĐàn


   VươngAnh electronics store promotional activities on-site


   Sales promotion in street corner of pho hue