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Chinese consumers reported: into the Antarctic pole, " 7+2 " challenge limit PISEN batteries in Anta

2011/11/29 9:31:41   Views:11242

In China, " 7 + 2 " on the eve of the Antarctic expeditions set out, to participate in the expedition team, national famous outdoor sports climbers, Liu Jian formally signed first German company, served as the company's " PISEN ambassador ", at the same time, PISEN rechargeable batteries and chargers as the expedition assigned equipment, accompanying the expedition the Antarctic expedition team.

According to introduction, the extreme experience " 7 + 2 " Antarctic expeditions have been launched in Beijing in December 1st, explorers have arrived in Antarctica patriot base, and to the earth pole. In about 45 days, the players will return to Beijing.

" 72 " is to climb the Seven Summits, and hiking to the north and South Pole expedition two limit. The meaning of the concept is put forward, the nine points represent the earth each pole of coordinate system, is the whole point of concept, the expeditions to human willpower and physical limit challenge, also represents the highest state of extreme adventure.

In this expedition, PISEN nickel-metal hydride rechargeable batteries, will be used in the digital camera, video camera team, together with the recording of this unforgettable trip Antarctic expedition.