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China Quality News: into the Antarctic pole challenge " 7+2 " limit for PISEN, to the quality of the

2011/11/29 9:31:02   Views:8016

China " 7+2 " Antarctic mountaineering expedition is about to start on the eve of the expedition, to participate in the team Liu Jian signed first German company, served as the " PISEN ambassador ", at the same time, PISEN rechargeable batteries and chargers will be designated as the equipment, with an expedition to the himalayas.

According to introducing, extreme experience " 7+2 " Antarctic mountaineering expedition to set out from Beijing on December 1st, the middle of December arrived in Antarctica the Patriot camp, plans to use 1012 days crossing the Antarctic ice sheet, reaching the earth's south pole expedition. The expeditions to human willpower and physical limit challenge.

" 7+2 " is to climb the 7 summits, and hiking to the north and South Pole expedition two limit. So far, all over the world only 5 people to complete the adventure. While the Chinese away from the goal of only one step away. In the " 7+2 " plans for the expedition, Liu Jian has completed the most difficult and uncertain factors most mountain climbing section.

In March from Beijing on the South Pole expedition, Liu Jian and his teammates Pathfinder headlights will use PISEN nickel-metal hydride rechargeable batteries, digital camera, video camera used will be full use of PISEN battery record this unforgettable trip Antarctic expedition.